Like a Boss Sweatshirt in White

by l'auteure

Like a Boss Sweatshirt in White

  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $165

Some general Aday notes: I would say for Aday, they used to have this seaweed fabric that looked really nice the first couple times it was worn but not much after that. But they don’t use that fabric anymore. The rest are amazing! I own an embarrassingly large number of Aday items. In particular I’ve loved anything made with their Cool Weave fabric. For summer I wear a Something Cool shirt + bike shorts on repeat. I have a couple of the pants/shorts in that fabric too, they’re honestly a lot lighter and more cool feeling that most of my workout gear. I’m also a big fan of their “Stretch Linen” fabric, but I feel like it’s slightly heavier than actual linen. I wear the shirts as light shackets for fall/spring.

The Like a Boss sweatshirt is the unsung hero for fall-spring. I bought one way back in 2017 but thought it was a little weird with the boxy scuba shape. A couple years ago it really took off, and I finally started wearing mine and when I tell you I can’t go anywhere without compliments.,,,