Riley High Rise Straight Crop in Renewal

by l'auteure

Riley High Rise Straight Crop in Renewal

  • Size: N/A
  • Height: <5'0
  • Price: $188

Got these expensive ass jeans today! Got them after seeing several petite fashion influencers wearing them and swore by them…problem is those girls are like 5’3-5’4 and I am 4’10 (23″ inseam). After my Abercrombie fail I was hopeful for these. They don’t even look like the same jeans, but I promise they are ?

I’ve seen so many petite ladies rave about AGolde jeans and I’m sad these were such a miss for me. And yes, I would like jeans that fit on me how they fit on the model, but idk where to find these without having to alter them.AGOLDE,,$188,<5'0 <5'0,Bottoms,Denim All Reviews,Pants