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Bossy Beige Leather Pump

by l'auteure

Bossy Beige Leather Pump

  • Size: 8
  • Height: 5'5-5'6
  • Price: $325

Purchased on August 2022; reviewed on February 2023. T
TLDR: I loved the concept behind the brand – comfortable heels that provide support and style. Post-pandemic (and post-children), my beloved 4″ stilettos that served me so well in my 20s heyday are now part of my closet decor. This was a brand that I really wanted to get behind but unfortunately the execution was a let-down.

FIT: I normally wear between a size 7.5 and 8. The brand has a very detailed size chart with every conceivable width and size down to the millimeter. I sized up to 8 thinking it would be more comfortable. The shoes were fairly easy to break in with limited blisters and pain. However, after a few months, the leather eventually stretched out to the point where the heels will slip off fairly easily if I’m not careful. In retrospect, I should’ve gotten the size 7.5 that could stretch out over time. I did find the arch support comfortable and supporting; alas, this was counterbalanced by the poor sizing.

QUALITY: Quality was disappointing. I purchased these shoes with the intention of wearing them solely in the office. Since most client meetings are still done by Zoom, ~90% of the time, the shoes were worn on carpeting while I was sitting at my desk. Nevertheless, the leather broke down fast enough that I can’t imagine what these shoes would look like if you ever wore them on New York streets. You can see in the images below the scuffing, especially on the toe and the sides. For heels that cost $325 ($350 after tax), I was frankly shocked and disappointed at how quickly they broke down.

STYLE: No qualms about style here. The classic style married with the neutral color was incredibly flattering and went with just about everything. They also made my legs look fabulously long.,,,

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