by l'auteure

Bellissima Dress, Laguna

  • Size: 10
  • Height: 5'11+

I haven’t seen many reviews of the ?Bellissima?dress, so here goes…
I ordered it because I love the colors, am 6 feet tall and this looked like a dress that would finally be long enough.
Upon opening the package, this was probably the quickest “definitely going back” I’ve had with a Sezane piece. While the colors are very vibrant, I’m not a fan of anything else… not the fit, not the pattern, not the length. The dress they selected for the model on the website is very intentionally symmetrical, but in real life it is not, at least not on the top half. For a $360 dress, I expect it to be completely symmetrical. While this may not bother some, it drives me insane ?
I was hesitant to post this because I don’t like how it looks at all, but thought this might help someone who may be on the fence about it.
I got the US 10 which is my normal size in Sezane.Sezane,10,,5’11+ 5’11+,Size 10 All Reviews,Uncategorized

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