by l'auteure

Brut Sexy in Indigo

  • Size: 28
  • Height: 5'5-5'6
  • Price: $125

I got these jeans because people seemed to rave about them online but here’s a contrarian opinion. I don’t think these are flattering at all. The denim is quite stiff with limited stretch. I just think the fit is kind of off – like if they were more fitted, I think it would work for my body but as is, it just looks like of baggy without any style. I missed the return window too which is unfortunate because I probably should’ve returned them. I just wear them on occasion when I can tuck them into boots or something so it’s not as obvious. The other thing that’s a huge pain is the five buttons!!!! God forbid you have to use the loo really quickly – they’re impossible to unbutton when you’re in a rush 😀Sezane,27,,5’5-5’6 27,5’5-5’6 Uncategorized

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