Beige Blade Pump

by l'auteure

Beige Blade Pump

  • Size: 10
  • Height: 5'7-5'8

Got the Size 40 (US 10).
No longer available on their site but they have lots of different Blade options.

Casadei is definitely one of those brands that are more about style rather than function. Case in point – these pumps are gorgeous to look at, they’re obviously fabulous, but they’re impossible to wear for more than 30 minutes at a time. They’re way too high, and the heel is so freaking thin that I honestly don’t know how anyone can wear them for long periods of time!

Having said that, they’re clearly beautiful and well-made. I would highly suggest for events where you’re most sitting or photos only.

I’m wearing size 40 which are a little bit big on me but honestly the slightly bigger size does make it (slightly!) more comfortable.,,,

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