Dragon Diffusion

Triple Jump Big 6 Lines Bag

by l'auteure

Triple Jump Big 6 Lines Bag, Pearl

  • Size: N/A
  • Height: 5'3
  • Price: $459

I call this bag the little solution for my life. I needed a bag for everyday – I live in Northern part of Seoul but have to commute an hour each way to the Southern part for work. Every night, I would pack a dosirak (packed lunch in Korean!) – a little array of coffee powder, fruit, and some protein. I usually also include a change of workout clothes for the post-work workout. I used to shove everything into a fabric bag and jam it all in.

I discovered this brand and I love it for the following reasons:

It’s versatile – I work in fashion and it goes with literally anything

The price is not unreasonable and I love that it’s not slathered with logos

I love the fact that it’s handwoven with a respect for tradition and not mass-produced in factory using sweatshop labor

It’s a good size – it fits everything

Plus I get so many compliments! Highly recommend.Dragon Diffusion,,$459,5’3 5’3-5’4,Bag,Emerging Designers All Reviews,Bag,Dragon Diffusion

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