Gabin Dress in Anemone + Others

by l'auteure

Gabin Dress in Anemone + Others

  • Size: 4
  • Height: 5'1-5'2
  • Price: $265

Quality vs. Sezane: They use a lot of the same synthetic materials like polyester and viscose but they don’t have as many natural materials as Sezane, like silk and cotton. I do think the quality of Sezane pieces is a bit better but the style of Rouje pieces are really lovely. I have a hard time buying from them directly because their shipping and returns are very expensive, so I mostly buy from the secondhand market.

Rouje Sizing: I’m pretty solidly a 36 (US 4) in Rouje and a 34-36 (US 2-4) in Sezane. So I’d say it runs a tad small but it is fairly consistent. Every once in a while hit or miss lolRouje,4,,5’1-5’2 4,5’1-5’2 Uncategorized

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