Ginette Short Flowing Dual-Fabric Dress

by l'auteure

Ginette Short Flowing Dual-Fabric Dress

  • Size: M
  • Height: 5'5-5'6

I’m a huge Sandro fan – I find their work dresses to be good quality, yet feminine and stylish while being professional. I’ve been eyeing a couple of the new dresses for awhile now and I felt like my work wardrobe needed a slight refresh and splurged on this one.
I love the mesh sleeves and the wrap silhouette is super flattering. I was a little worried the neckline was too low but it turned out to be totally fine. The skirt is made of a really lightweight fabric (so I have to be a little careful when I walk over a subway grate!). It’s comfortable but there is zero stretch and it’s a TAD more fitted than I would like but I can make it work. Love it! Wish I could buy more Sandro.
If it helps – my bust is 35″, waist is 28″, hips are 38″ and the M worked.Sandro,M,,5’5-5’6 5’5-5’6,M Uncategorized

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