Loubna Blouse in Lavender Blue

by l'auteure

Loubna Blouse in Lavender Blue

  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $150

Lovely style; lousy quality.

First off, I almost gave up on even trying this on because it was nearly impossible undoing the top button which took 10 minutes. The button loop was sewn a lot smaller than the others which I had no issues undoing. After I put it on I really loved the look of the blouse and how it draped but something seemed really off. I realized that the hem was so uneven and wonky. I laid it flat and saw that it was so poorly cut and sewn. I’m just really fed up with the decline in quality lately and have returned so many pieces for this reason. There’s a half inch discrepancy from the armpit to hem seam between the left and right side, and a hem that is laughable. I placed a tape measure so you can see how bad it actually is. For this price point, this is unacceptable. I also have no idea what justifies this top being so much more than the Chloe blouse. I guess if you’re tucking in the shirt it’s not noticeable but why pay so much for a top when it doesn’t even have perfect seams.Sezane,,, Uncategorized

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