by Dmytro

Louella Skirt, Vicence

  • Size: size 6
  • Height: 5'5-5'6

Maxi skirts aren’t really my thing but I thought this pattern was so whimsical BUT I noticed two things – 1) I don’t like how the pattern doesn’t line up at the seams. I know some people don’t care about this but it just feels… sloppy? And 2) the product pic makes the skirt seem a lot more flared or A line than in real life. It felt like the skirt fell a little flat on me, more like a column shape than A-line. This was a pass.Sezane,size 6,,5’5-5’6 5’5-5’6,Bottoms,French Brands,Sezane,Size 6,Skirt All Reviews,Sezane

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