lululemon Align Waist-Length Tank Top

by l'auteure

lululemon Align Waist-Length Tank Top

  • Size: 4
  • Height: 5'3-5'4

This is one of three tanks I bought from Lulu. Just FYI, their tops do seem to run small as I’m usually an XS (0 or 2) and I got a 4. You can see that it just fits. Fabric is not ribbed. it’s great for working out. The top does have cups and I don’t wear a bra underneath when working out (I might wear something with more support underneath if I was going running or something high impact but it’s fine for weight training). Just a note on the cups – they are kind of loose and do need adjusting after every wash.Lululemon,4,,5’3-5’4 4,5’3-5’4 Uncategorized

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