The Penny Loafer in Garnet Suede

by l'auteure

The Penny Loafer in Garnet Suede

  • Size: 7.5
  • Height: 5'5-5'6
  • Price: $278

Ugh, this is a brand that was a total letdown. Full caveat – I bought two pairs of shoes: this penny loafer as well as their signature style, the Demi (see here). I was coming out of my work from home cocoon and needed some flats for my work commute. I was totally sucked in by Margaux’s Instagram adds plus the fact that they had only glowing reviews! Literally every blog, influencer, and review was a five star review. I wasn’t worried at all so I splurged on two pairs. I’ll review both in this post (you’ll see why below).

The Penny – I probably could’ve sized up to an 8 instead of a 7.5 because it does run a little narrow. You can see in the pic below that my pinky is really pushing against the side. It’s not uncomfortable but it does look like I’m wearing shoes that are a size too small. Probably doesn’t help that my right foot runs bigger than my left but I have no solutions for that. All in all, I think it’s a fairly classic looking shoe and it’s comfortable (notwithstanding the 2-3 week breaking in period where my heel got absolutely destroyed).

The Demi – this shoe was an utter disappointment. I got the shoes in the ballet pink. On the first wear, my the back of my foot started to bleed, and it bled on to the leather to the point that you could visibly see it from the back. It wasn’t pretty but because I had JUST gotten them, I didn’t want to toss them, especially since it wasn’t that obvious. Over the next few weeks, I wore them to the office, and as anyone who works in the city knows, between rain days and building supers washing down the streets, sometimes your shoes will get wet. My Demis got wet and the water stain was completely visible – when I say completely visible, I mean the shoes got ruined. I couldn’t wear them anymore since they looked dirty and stained so I ended up throwing them out (should have created this blog way back then so I could share pictures!). I couldn’t believe it – it had been less than 2 months since my purchase! I emailed customer service with my predicament, and their solution was to offer 20% off another pair of their shoes.

No chance. I can’t believe that their leather quality is so bad that a little bit of wet will cause visible stains. How on earth are these shoes meant to be functional? I suppose if you live in the desert or totally dry climate, these shoes could work. Maybe if you bought a different color where the water stains won’t be visible but I’ve bought leather flats from other brands before and unless you’re literally standing in floodwater, a little bit of wet should not create absolutely visible stains. Hard pass for me.,,,

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