Min and Mon

Fausto Wallet and Vali Bags

by l'auteure

Fausto Wallet and Vali Bags

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A couple of notes:

The Tiger bag – I just got it a few days ago so I’m still getting used to it, but it is definitely roomy and the handles haven’t caused me any trouble. The opposite in fact, they’re quite convenient!

I don’t consider thee bags to be heavy at all. The one with the handles is slightly heavier but still very comfortable to carry. Also, they are very efficient with space. I tend to carry a lot of make-up and it all fits in there (along with my phone and wallet with plenty of room to spare). You could even fit a 5 by 7 book in there.

See below a pic of the inside with some stuff in there (the green thing is my notebook).

I bought the bags online (I live in LA) and I get compliments on my min & mons all the time. I’ve only seen one other person out here with one, which is cool. Would love to visit their store in Soho!,,,