Paul Smith

Esperanza Leather Point Toe Flats

by l'auteure

Esperanza Leather Point Toe Flats

  • Size: 7
  • Height: 5'3-5'4
  • Price: $117

Korean Size 240 (US Size 7). $117 (70% off from $389!). Bought mine on Outnet.
I saw the product pic and I fell in love! I loved the design on the bottom (although it definitely does scuff once you start walking around in them!). Every woman needs a flat shiny point-toe and I knew that this would be versatile and easy to wear anywhere. I definitely wanted something for the summer.

It took about a week to break in but once I did, they are super comfortable. The leather has a good body (not soft). I love my purchase but be warned – the pretty design on the bottom will (obviously) scuff! Still love them.,,,

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