by l'auteure

Beri Bag, Chalk

  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $380

It’s a very light bag! I thought it’d be heavier – almost 12oz on my kitchen scale.

Not a stitch out of place, thick lovely leather, hangs off the shoulder like a dream. Such a fun summer piece and the design will hold up with time. It’s good leather that can take some stress. I already took it everywhere every day, from stores to playgrounds. My kid splashed water on it, and it still looks pristine. just be realistic about what can fit inside 🙂 I was really impressed with how sturdy the folds on the bottom of the bag are. It doesn’t look like it’d ever lose shape.

It’s a bit fussier than a bucket or a straightforward zippered crossbody. However, you don’t need to undo the big clasp to get into the bag. My hand just goes right under the handle and it’s easy to undo the hidden magnetic clasp with one hand and get a mid-sized wallet (4 x 3 1/2 in.) or a phone out quick. I managed to put a 7 1/4 x 4 in. wallet in, but that one won’t come out unless the big clasp is open.

I actually wanted a small crossbody just a little bit bigger than the minis I have, because I hate having to unpack the entire bag just to get to my keys in the middle of a sloping parking lot as I’m holding onto my cart with my third hand. Somehow, the bag Youtubers never seem to own keys.

I like the quality so much and I love how it looks on me. It stands out, but it doesn’t wear me, so to speak.Polene,,$380, Bag,Emerging Designers All Reviews,Bag,Polene