Marlie Ombre-Print Pleated Woven Maxi Skirt

by l'auteure

Marlie Ombre-Print Pleated Woven Maxi Skirt

  • Size: 6
  • Height: 5'5-5'6
  • Price: $265

Background: I’ve been recently obsessed with pleated skirts. I love how feminine and girly they are without sacrificing chic. However, is it my body type or is it how I’m styling it but they never look great on me! I’m thinking maybe something with an elastic waistband is just not flattering on my stomach. Maybe it requires a loose fitting shirt with a French tuck?

FIT: I usually wear US 4 on the top but my junk in the trunk requires a little bit more room so I tried a US 6. The waistband was pretty comfortable and it was super easy to walk around in.

QUALITY: It was all right. The color was really lovely and the pleats were well done.

Style: I really wanted to love it – I think if I knew how to style it to flatter my body, I might’ve tried to make it work. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t something I absolutely had to have. But hopefully the pictures below give a good sense of how it looks on a non-model body!,,,

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