Ruffle Metallic Dot Dress

by l'auteure

Ruffle Metallic Dot Dress

  • Size: S
  • Height: 5'5-5'6

If this weren’t on final sale, I probably would’ve returned it. The dress itself isn’t so bad but there are two things I don’t like about it: the smocking is too long in proportion to the dress and the bust area is a bit large. It doesn’t look too bad but I’m not sure how often I would reach for this dress. Maybe if I ran out of clothes for laundry or something like that ? sizing is fine. I usually wear an S or M and this is an S. The length is a tad long for my 5’6 height. A lot of complaints but for a $50 dress, feels like I kind of got what I paid for.AQUA,S,,5’5-5’6 5’5-5’6,S Uncategorized

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