Sarah Flint

Perfect Pump 100mm in Black Suede

by l'auteure

Perfect Pump 100mm in Black Suede

  • Size: 5.5
  • Price: $550

These shoes were $550. They were advertised as “perfect” very comfortable, quiet, high quality.

I bought size 5.5 regular width.

The good:

The shoe looks beautiful on

Lots of color and pattern options

Different heel heigh options

Half sizes, narrow, and wide available

Arrives in luxurious box

The bad:

Heel is worn through and shoe needs to be repaired after 6 months of use approximately once per week in an indoor office environment (carpet and laminate floors)

Wildly uncomfortable, I wear 4” and higher heels every day. This one is more painful than much cheaper shoes

An extremely high price point that sits higher than comfort and quality focused brands, but slightly lower than brands with luxury name recognition

Overall, I don’t recommend these shoes at all for the price. Subjectively, I find these heels on par with higher end department store brand around $100.,,,