Adelie Jumper in Black Viscose

by l'auteure

Adelie Jumper in Black Viscose

  • Size: N/A
  • Price: $125

I think it’s not clear enough in the pictures, but the issue with it is that when I have my arms down, it’s absolutely gorgeous, but as soon as I lift my arms, the puckering completely disrupts the silhouette. Since it’s such a skintight piece, the bunching is really obvious and looks quite awkward since it ends up placed at the underboob’s side area. Not flattering at all. I’m trying to check if it can be altered, but I suspect it won’t be an easy operation and therefore not worth it, especially since the fabric seems quite delicate. 

I wish it had worked so bad, because it is just gorgeous, but I do suspect it’s the kind of top a lot of people would have fit issues with. The buttons also seemed a bit flimsy – the top fit me alright in the torso, but if it’s even slightly too tight on you, it will start to pull and look awkward. Otherwise fabric is super dreamy and soft, surprisingly comfortable.,,,