Aretha Jumper in Candy Pink

by l'auteure

Aretha Jumper in Candy Pink

  • Size: S
  • Height: 5'5-5'6
  • Price: $145

Purchased on November 2022; reviewed on February 2023.
Background: So you might have noticed that, like most New Yorkers, my wardrobe leans very much in boring dark colors. This was my brief attempt at doing something whimsical and fun. I’m not sure I really succeeded…

FIT: I had purchased other Sezane items before so I knew that I needn’t worry so much about items running small. Plus, for items like knitwear, I almost always am comfortable buying S because the oversized sweater look does not work for me AT ALL. The fit here was fine. The shape was all right.

QUALITY: All right – let’s be real: this thing was one of the itchiest garments I’d ever put on. Not only was it itchy, the fabric was so good at retaining heat (it was probably some synthetic fiber) that I was boiling hot every time I wore it. In fact, I was so hot wearing this sweater, that on one of the coldest days in NYC when the weather dropped to 5 degrees, I decided to wear this because the sweater essentially operated as a greenhouse. I don’t know if other Sezane knit pieces are of similar quality but I don’t do think I would purchase again. The best description I can come up with the fabric is … crunchy? And I’m definitely not into crunchy knitwear!

STYLE: The shape is OK. The color is fine. If it had been comfortable, I could easily see this piece becoming a closet staple but instead, it’s relegated to the back of the drawer where it’s only brought out if 1) I wear a tank top underneath and 2) it’s absolutely freezing cold outside. Unfortunately, given the unseasonably warm winter this year, this means I’ve worn it about twice in the last few months. Would love to hear other stories of Sezane knit pieces because they do look so very stylish (on the models at least!).,,,

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