Dora Dress in Dark Green

by l'auteure

Dora Dress in Dark Green

  • Size: 6
  • Height: 5'9-5'10
  • Price: $220

I might have been able to get a 4 but that might have been snug around the hips. I’m typically a size 6 on top and and 8 on bottom for pants. Dress and skirt size is 6.

Pros: the fabric is very, very pretty visually and feels pretty good given the materials. The green color has a few different tones going on: the background is one color and then the jacquard flowers are two different greens. I’m tall and like the length, however it may be more of a maxi or hit at an awkward length if you are shorter. I’m 5’10”. Fabric is also beautiful.

Cons: The shape is sack-like without the belt. The belt does not stay tight (it droops) unless you loop it back through the circle again. There are no belt loops or anything to secure the belt to the dress or to help the belt stay tight. I’m not digging the utility detail on the sleeves…I got so burnt out on these types of details when I was younger. I know utility is trendy again but it detracts from the dress IMO. The top of the dress looks large, mostly because the sleeves are relaxed. I have a small bust but wide shoulders (US size 6, A cup) and think this will make larger busts looks even larger. I’m not saying this is problematic, I prefer evening out my proportions because I’m pear shaped so take that with a grain of salt.,,,

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