by l'auteure

Macie Blouse in Gold

  • Size: 2
  • Height: 5'5-5'6
  • Price: $150

This is a true case of fantasy and reality do not line up at all! Use the link above to see how the product is marketed and check out what it really looks like below! I kid you not – this top was so bright and sparkly, it looked like something I would wear to a Mariah Carey concert. I felt like a total teeny bopper wearing this. It’s a shame because the shape is actually super flattering! I love how it made my upper body work but honestly, as an almost 37-year old woman, I cannot fathom wearing something like this anywhere.

I sized down to a 2 because that was what was available and it turned out to be fine. It looks great either on the shoulder or off the shoulder. Sezane, pls make this available in a more wearable color!,,,

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