Rosa Sandal

by l'auteure

Rosa Sandal, Terracotta Raffia

  • Size: 8
  • Height: 5'5-5'6
  • Price: $230

Size 39 (US 8). $230. No longer available in this heel height although you can get the low ones here which I’m considering.

This review is LONG overdue! I bought this pair more than a year ago and since it’s hard to find real reviews for Sezane, figured this should help. I was looking for sandals with a little bit of a heel that are open-toed and fairly elegant. This one fit the bill. Pls excuse the horrendous (lack of ) pedicure below!

So here’s the good, bad, and the ugly. The good is that the shoes are fairly comfortable. If you’re looking for shoes with a ton of support, these are not it. However, I can easily walk miles in this pair so they are comfortable enough for me. The bad and the ugly is that when I first got these sandals, the strap that goes around the back was somehow loose and as a result, the first few times I wore them, the strap kept falling down. I couldn’t figure out how to keep the strap up, no matter how tight I wore it. I ended up going to the cobbler who rolled his eyes and added some stitches to hold it in place. I don’t know if this i a technical problem that hit all the Rosas or if it was just me. Having said that, once the stitching was added (an extra $10), I haven’t had a problem since. It does seem a little annoying that for $230 shoes, I had to pay that extra $10…

But I guess the proof is in the fact that I’ve worn it for the last year and will continue to wear them! In fact, I’m actually considering getting the low ones too. On sizing – I normally wearing 7.5-8; I figured I’d go with an 8 to be safe and they’re just fine. Maybe a little big but I’d rather a little big than a little small!Sezane,8,$230,5’5-5’6 5’5-5’6,French Brands,Sandals,Shoes,Size 8 All Reviews,Sezane,Shoes

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by l'auteure

Rosa Sandal, Purple

  • Size: Shoe Size 8
  • Height: 5'3-5'4

Beautiful and soft, but too “flip-floppy” for me (also weird fit: one shoe was smaller than the other one?). I included a pic for the colour in daylight without filter.Sezane,Shoe Size 8,,5'3-5'4 5'3-5'4,Sandals,Shoe Size 8,Shoes All Reviews,Sezane

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