Me + Em

Silk-Blend Devoré Confetti Print Blouse

by l'auteure

Silk-Blend Devoré Confetti Print Blouse

  • Size: 4
  • Height: 5'5-5'6

I swung by the new ME + EM store in NYC. I was excited to see all the fabulous prints that the brand is known for but they had just opened up two days ago so the inventory was somewhat limited. This blouse looked like watercolor and of course I had to try it on. The fabric is so dreamy – light as air, like chiffon. Even though you would think it would be totally transparent, because of the print, you don’t actually see the bra underneath (I was wearing a nude bra). I decided not to buy it because honestly it was a tad too feminine for me and I’m not really a print person. I usually wear a US 4 and this is the size I tried on.Me + Em,4,,5’5-5’6 4,5’5-5’6 Uncategorized

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