Small Puzzle bag in soft grained calfskin

by l'auteure

Small Puzzle bag in soft grained calfskin

  • Size: n/a
  • Price: $3250

The bag is super light weight. Since it’s soft leather and unstructured, and there is not a lot of metal, i think it makes it super comfortable to wear. I found it quite roomy (i have the small), I could fit my car keys, my card holder, a pouch, and my liquid foundation.
The only thing that I dislike is how it is a bit harder to get in and out of the bag (because of how the zipper is set up) compared to other bags, but I was aware of that before purchasing and it’s not a big deal for me, but could be for others. The zipper is super smooth, but because you have a leather band on top, you kinda have to go around it to have access. But at the same time, the bag feels more secure because of that.
I had this bag on my list and was not sure if I should get it, but then I heard that the classic version could be discontinued, so I went for it and have ZERO regret!LOEWE,n/a,$3250,Bag,Luxury BrandsBag,Loewe

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