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Jia Dress in Palampore

by l'auteure

Jia Dress in Palampore

  • Size: S
  • Height: 5'5-5'6
  • Price: $148

This brand is an unusual one – I saw lots of beautiful marketing images on Instagram and was intrigued enough to spend some time on the website. It turns out this was a “made to order” brand – they’re all about limiting production volumes to reduce waste, so if you end up ordering an item, chances are it’ll take 3-4 weeks for the order to arrive, in theory.

In reality, I ordered three items and it took close to 8 weeks for my garments to arrive. At the end of the day, while I’m all for limiting waste and production, if it’s taking 2 months for something to arrive, that’s honestly a no go for me. I would basically get emails every two weeks with a sincere apology that my order was delayed, but that it would arrive in two weeks. And then same thing two weeks later. I was not impressed.

Now onto the dress itself – the print is gorgeous, as you can see. I think I probably should’ve sized up because the bodice / waist area is quite tight. Having said that, I do like the shape, and the pattern is incredibly eye-catching. Women (and men) stop me to ask me where I got this dress every time I wear it out. This lovely gentleman once stopped me in a coffeeshop because he wanted to get the same dress for his wife! So sweet. I also find the price point to be fairly reasonable given the quality.,,,

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