Monogram Cashmere-Blend Blanket Scarf

by l'auteure

Monogram Cashmere-Blend Blanket Scarf

  • Size: N/A
  • Height: 5'3-5'4
  • Price: $440

I had been eyeing this shawl/scarf for couple season – but was hesitant to buy one.

I am a careful shopper. I really hate buying something and growing to hate a certain item because it turned out it doesn’t look good on me/ the fit was wrong etc.
I especially hate it when something stays in my closet untouched – it gives me doubts about my judgement! (which is funny but you know what I mean right?).

Also, I am a 160cm Asian girl (relatively on the short side even for an Asian women)- i wondered how would this scarf drape on me – all I have are model pics of very tall (possibly Scandanavian looking) women!

Toteme wasn’t readily available in Seoul when I bought it, so i didnt have a chance to try it on either.

Upon unsuccessful searches online(looking for real women photos etc, hope Unvarnished Clothing existed then) & mounting frustration that I was pondering over a scarf so much – I just bought on a whim. called the store and ordered it in fact! 🙂

Thankfully, despite my worries – this scarf turned out to be an absolute favorite! 🙂

The best thing about it is that it is so very versatile. It works as a shawl, it works as a scarf – depending on how you style it (refer to pics below).

The next best thing about it is that is VERY WARM. It is a good mix of Cashmere/Wool – take it with you anywhere (especially when you are traveling) and you will be able to stay toasty.

Lastly, I dont know what it is about this scarf. I own a lot of scarf/shawls – but there is something about this one that makes me rather ‘stylish’. Stylish is a terrible word, I really hate the nuance of this word but that’s what it does! 🙂

So go on, readers – treat yourself a nice TOTEME scarf if you need to stay stylishly toasty 🙂,,,

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