Tranquility Mini Dress

by l'auteure

Tranquility Mini Dress

  • Size: size 4
  • Height: 5'5-5'6

To call this dress stunning does not do it justice. It’s made out of this really beautiful linen fabric with the most glorious print. I really fell in love with it but the price tag and the fact that it’s not really versatile jolted me back to reality. I couldn’t really picture myself wearing this to the office and I don’t go out often enough to justify this kind of price! But it was my first time wearing Zimmerman after seeing all these Instagram ads and I would totally buy it if my wallet allowed! Sizing was pretty true to size – I usually wear a US 4 and that’s what I tried on. It was a little tight around the shoulders and I did need someone to help me zip it all the way up but once in, it was perfect.,,,

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